Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Job

Well, today I found out that I was offered a job at T-Mobile doing Tech Support. I don't have that much information except that I start in November. This gives me about 2 weeks off to relax and worry about Spider-Pig's Sweet/Sour 16th B-Day Party. I will find out more details on Friday when I go in. I will post the info when I get it. I am so excited!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Isaiah - Week 5

So I was thinking about what to write about and it came to me that maybe talk about the class that I am taking at the Institute. I won't go into boring details about previous classes. This was week 5 of a 16 week class.

We discussed Chapters 17-22. Wow what powerful chapters.

In chapter 17 - we discussed how the wicked will be destroyed prior to the second coming.

It is amazing that Isaiah tells about the restoration of the gospel in Chapter 18 verse 3 states: All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifted up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet hear ye.
Wow! Talks about everybody, Moroni, the angel who brings the everlasting gospel. If you understand and know the everlasting gospel, it is right there in the scriptures. As you continue reading the Chapter it continues to talk about how the restored gospel was restored and there was a wait and watch time. Remember how long it took Joseph Smith to receive the plates after the first vision? We read about how there is a cleansing, the wicked are cast out. In verse 7 it mentions that a present be brought unto the Lord. That is a present of a perfected people. Think about this... what is the only present can you bring to the Lord?? The Lord is preparing his people.

Chapter 19 - Here comes the destruction. The wicked vs the wicked, false prophets, people who are looking for the truth, many who will come to the Lord, the Lord bring out His people. Blessings to all Nations.

Chapter 20 - Short chapter only 6 verses. Running in the wrong direction. Turning to the Lord.

Chapter 21 - talks about the destruction, the watchman who will declare what he seeth. Vs. 12 tells us about the morning and the night. The morning represent the righteous and the night represent the wicked. Symbolism, look and you will see it.

Chapter 22 - Valley of vision, the destruction of wickedness in Jerusalem, the call to repent, led Israel astray, casting out those who care to care for the people. God shall arise, the keys that Christ holds, nail in the sure place - it doesn't come out, it is in there. We are the offspring and all the power is given.

That's about it for this weeks class, tune in next week for another exciting lession in the teachings of Isaiah.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Front Page News

Imagine my surprise when I learn that my daughter made the front page of our local paper. It happened on Wednesday. I was in the shower when Spider-pig runs in and yells "look mom I'm on the front page." My first reaction was OMG what did she do now.? But it was all good.

To explain why she was there. Spider-pid takes the bus home from school since she is now attending a school "out of district." When they built the new high school she had the option to attended the new school or stay where she is at. she stayed at Cibola. So, after school she takes 2 buses home. One bus stops on the main street and then she takes another bus up to the neighborhood.

The Picture was taken on Monday. She is so proud.