Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Isaiah - Week 10

Chapters 46-50

Chapter 46

We will be carried from the time of birth through death. Stout hearted - perversely obstinate.

Chapter 47

Virgin daughter of Babylon - hasn't been concord. The Lord doesn't turn away, we do. Nobody sees wickedness. What will save us??

Chapter 48

Waters refer to baptism. There is wickedness in the Church. Holy City - people of God. If the Lord truly angry then would cut people off. Doesn't destroy people, but gives time to repent. Leave the world, be of the world, but not in it.

Chapter 49

Sword is the word of God. It is not enough work for you. Want to be light of nations. As I live - swear by himself. Church in the last days - Not enough room for people coming in. Lick up the dust of thy feet - dirtiest part of the body.

Chapter 50

Why have you left? I did sell you. I didn't divorce you. You left me. Word of God will sustain you,. The Lord will give you what to say. Walk in the way of the Lord.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Political Rally

I went to a political rally to hear Mitt Romney speak. It wasn't a long rally, but they never start on time. The time that I saw was from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm. Yeah right!!! It didn't even start until 1 pm. At least Mitt showed up on time. It was a short sweet and to the point rally. Here are some of the pics.

This is our Sheriff Darren White. He is currently running for Congress. I like him. He is really down to earth. He does go out on patrol. He has even stopped people for DUI. Can you imagine trying to talk your way out of a ticket with the County Sheriff???

This is Steve Pearce. I don't care for some of his policies. He is running for Senate and his is running against Tom Udall for Pete Dominici's position. This is not even a close race.

Here is Governor Mitt Romney. He was stumping for John McCain.

Here is me and Gov. Romney.

Here is me with Sheriff White.
The sign around my neck says I am a volunteer. We were standing around helping out a little and gave us these cute little tags to wear.