Saturday, December 27, 2008

Visit with Santa

Okay, so the post are a little late. what can I say, the new job has been keeping me busy. I do start my new schedule on January 4th. I began working graves from 9 pm to 5:30 am. I know sounds bad, but it is a schedule that will work for me.
So, back to Santa. They had Santa at work a few Saturday's ago, and I thought, hey why not, no lines, and they took free photos. I took some my self, so here they are.
Rachel coloring. T-Mobile provided color pages and cookies for the kids.

Here is Ashleigh and Rachel.

Rachel with Santa

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Isaiah - Week 10

Chapters 46-50

Chapter 46

We will be carried from the time of birth through death. Stout hearted - perversely obstinate.

Chapter 47

Virgin daughter of Babylon - hasn't been concord. The Lord doesn't turn away, we do. Nobody sees wickedness. What will save us??

Chapter 48

Waters refer to baptism. There is wickedness in the Church. Holy City - people of God. If the Lord truly angry then would cut people off. Doesn't destroy people, but gives time to repent. Leave the world, be of the world, but not in it.

Chapter 49

Sword is the word of God. It is not enough work for you. Want to be light of nations. As I live - swear by himself. Church in the last days - Not enough room for people coming in. Lick up the dust of thy feet - dirtiest part of the body.

Chapter 50

Why have you left? I did sell you. I didn't divorce you. You left me. Word of God will sustain you,. The Lord will give you what to say. Walk in the way of the Lord.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Political Rally

I went to a political rally to hear Mitt Romney speak. It wasn't a long rally, but they never start on time. The time that I saw was from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm. Yeah right!!! It didn't even start until 1 pm. At least Mitt showed up on time. It was a short sweet and to the point rally. Here are some of the pics.

This is our Sheriff Darren White. He is currently running for Congress. I like him. He is really down to earth. He does go out on patrol. He has even stopped people for DUI. Can you imagine trying to talk your way out of a ticket with the County Sheriff???

This is Steve Pearce. I don't care for some of his policies. He is running for Senate and his is running against Tom Udall for Pete Dominici's position. This is not even a close race.

Here is Governor Mitt Romney. He was stumping for John McCain.

Here is me and Gov. Romney.

Here is me with Sheriff White.
The sign around my neck says I am a volunteer. We were standing around helping out a little and gave us these cute little tags to wear.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Isaiah - Week 9

Chapter 43 - 45

Chapter 43

Given all that I can give, gave everything. Gathering of the tribes. Moses 1:39 - Glory of the Lord. Sinners - see and hear. Looking for the elect. Witnesses of God - declare. Foundations of the church. New thing - restoration. D&C 132.26. Preach is word. Remember me. First father - Adam.

Chapter 44

From the beginning. Jeshurum - obedient - upright one. Water/streams - blessings. Thirsty land/dry ground - off spring. First and last - alpha and omega. Idols good for nothing. Men became weary from making idols. Where are your idols at????. Transgressions are blotted out. Cyrus - after time of Cyrus foreshadow of Christ.

Chapter 45

Terms used by the Messiah. God can not create evil. Amos 5:24. Who is that they? heavens and earth. Ethiopia was the best place to go for supplies. Saviour - redeemer- knew was Messiah. Created it to inhabit it. World was meant to be inhabited. Nobody worthy - saved by the Savior. Merits, mercy and grace. Lord swear by himself. Every knee bow, tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ.

Isaiah - Week 8

This week Chapters 34 - 42 were discussed. That may seem like a lot, but chapters 36-39 were skipped. Those chapters went over a historical narrative.

Chapter 34

Chapter 34 starts off with telling us about the second coming. Nations refer to the people. The earth will burn, it will become a waste place. Compare to Isaiah 28:17. The noble princes of wickedness. The waste places will be restored.

Chapter 35

There are no roses in the middle east. Comparative to saffron. This chapter is all about the restoration. Everyone will hear the gospel. Highway - way of holiness. Ransomed - Atonement.

Chapter 40

Be of comfort - relax, Jerusalem is a covenant people. Elias is preparing the way of the Lord. See the Lord in his coming, everything shall be fulfilled. Huge forest - trees. Choose a piece of wood that is good. Inhabitants barely planted and blown away. Knows each of us by name. Those who wait have hope in the Lord.

Chapter 41

Cyrus frees the prisoners. East is symbolic of the second coming. First and Last - same man. Threshing instrument - BoM. Word of God - two-edge sword. Separates wicked and righteous. Glory in the holy one of Israel. Trees - tribes. Priesthood. Refer to D&C 124:26.
Cedar - Judah
Shittah - Levi
Myrtle - 10 Tribes
Oil Tree - House of Israel
Fir - Ephraim
Pine - Mennassah
Box - Judah - Cedar
Shows that you are true Gods. Idols - nothing is there. North - Calls a God. Savior comes. Nobody can do this but God. All your stuff is nothing.

Chapter 42

Spiritually blind. Restoration. JST pg 801. Lord will save us, despite are faults and weakness. We have faults.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

End of Employment

I will be permanently laid off at 12:00 pm. today. They are closing the call center where I work. I have know about this since the beginning of August. The word finally hasn't meant much until today.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Isaiah - Week 7

Wow week 7 almost half way through the class.
This week we discussed Chapters 29 - 33

Chapter 29

Chapter 29 starts with Ariel - which means hearth of God, Lion of God, also means Jerusalem. continuing in the chapter it talks about the Lord made a covenant with Israel that there will be lineage with David. it also mentions the fulfillment of the Book of Mormon, and how you can't read a sealed book. The hearts are from the Lord. The Restoration of the Gospel. The field is white and ready to harvest. Talks about missionary work. Words of a book - Book of Mormon. See Isaiah 41: 13-19. We need to be a humble one. Sanctify the Lord. Sanctify ourselves and others - missionary work. and finally the word of God covers the land.

Chapter 30

Chapter 30 starts with how the people are turning to Egypt instead of the Lord. Egypt never a help. The people take their riches to Egypt and help never shows up. They tell us what we want to hear. The prophet speaks of hard things. Knew right, didn't want to hear. In the Lord is our salvation. God is the teacher. We need to get rid of our idols. Animals know who there master is, but do we? Refer to Ch 32 vs 20. Great slaughter is the second coming. Three metaphors of stream, sieve and bridle symbolizing the overwhelming catastrophe. Use the rod to punish Satan. Hearth - alter, place of burning. The king in vs 33 represent Satan, they are cast in, wicked burned together.

Back up to Chapter 9 - refer to Matthew 13:11-17. Why Jesus talks in parables.

Chapter 31

Calamity - wicked against wicked. Lord of Host - Lion - Judea. Turn back to the Lord, rebellious children. God will destroy the wicked. Ensign- gospel. Furnace - destroys the wicked.

Chapter 32

Man represent Christ. Hears the Master's voice now. Liberal means noble. Hunger and thirst - looking for the gospel. On verse 8 if you change liberal to noble - it used to mean the same. Daughters of Zion. If you are at ease, you are not working. We need to be worried. In its greatness there still will be a still small voice. City of Enoch - accept the spirit of the Lord.

Chapter 33

Satan spoils. We need stability - turn to the gospel. Hold back, highways are dangerous. The cities are clean but bare. The wicked shall destroy you. Everlasting burning - God. Who can dwell with God. We shouldn't listen to gossip. Land stretching afar - celestial kingdom. Stakes - tents. they hold up the tents. Stakes hold up the church. The ships don't come. And finally, read verse 22 last. it is out of sequence.

Enjoy and welcome your comments.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Isaiah - Week 6

I would like to apologize for getting this posted so late. It was a very busy week last week. I should be posting week 7 on Wednesday. Enjoy.

Yesterday we discussed Chapters 23 - 28

Chapter 23

When you read chapter 23 the city Tyre is mentioned. This city was also known as Zohr. Which was eventually destroyed by Alexander the Great. What is the great Tyre of our day? it is commercial interest. After Tyre is destroyed there city is barren for seventy years of the life span of man. After the seventy years of desolate the city will be reborn.

Chapter 24

When we read the scriptures and see the start of the verse as behold. it means last days, this is about our times. In verse 5 it talks about the everlasting covenant. but what is the new and everlasting covenant? It is the gospel. When we look back about 100 years ago there were about 20 major religions. Today there are over a thousands. Why did this happen. There were people who broke away from there church to start there own. there are many break-offs of the other churches. But ours hasn't changed. It mentions in verse 15 about the isle of the sea. what is that, it is mentioned before. When you look at the time that Isaiah was written if you couldn't walk there you didn't go. Hense, Isle of the sea. it is someplace you couldn't walk too, it was too far away. Verse 17 - reference Jeremiah 48:43. we cannot flee the judgement of God. verse 20 is referenced to Amos 5 it was written about the same time. we are Gods. Reference Psalm 82:6 it is the same verse that Christ quoted in John.

Chapter 25

Chapter 25 is a Psalm of praise. we need to have obedience, we need to protect the needy. The mountains mentioned in this chapter represent Zion. Swallow death forever = The Atonement. Very short chapter but a beautiful one.

Chapter 26

Chapter 26 talks about how the righteous nation is Israel/Zion. The foot of the poor is an allusion to the Messiah. You need to pour out your soul to God. He is the God of the Living not dead. God demands purity, there is life after death. Isaiah reference childbirth to represent the pain. There will be a Resurrection, a cleansing of the earth. The Last days when the Lord comes for judgement.

Chapter 27

Chapter 27 talks about the serpent, and how the Lord guards his vineyard. Has the Lord been rough on Israel as Israel been to the Lord. The Lord will gather the people of the Church, each angel will bring a horn. Rev 14:6.

Chapter 28

Chapter 28 speaks of Ephraim that led the tribes away. The wicked almost destroys the righteous. There will be false prophets and priest. You can either accept or don't. Wicked covenant with Satan. The cornerstone is Christ. Bands=Slavery. It is easy to choose the Gospel, but sometimes hard to live. The Lord deals in order, righteous things.

Have a good week

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Job

Well, today I found out that I was offered a job at T-Mobile doing Tech Support. I don't have that much information except that I start in November. This gives me about 2 weeks off to relax and worry about Spider-Pig's Sweet/Sour 16th B-Day Party. I will find out more details on Friday when I go in. I will post the info when I get it. I am so excited!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Isaiah - Week 5

So I was thinking about what to write about and it came to me that maybe talk about the class that I am taking at the Institute. I won't go into boring details about previous classes. This was week 5 of a 16 week class.

We discussed Chapters 17-22. Wow what powerful chapters.

In chapter 17 - we discussed how the wicked will be destroyed prior to the second coming.

It is amazing that Isaiah tells about the restoration of the gospel in Chapter 18 verse 3 states: All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifted up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet hear ye.
Wow! Talks about everybody, Moroni, the angel who brings the everlasting gospel. If you understand and know the everlasting gospel, it is right there in the scriptures. As you continue reading the Chapter it continues to talk about how the restored gospel was restored and there was a wait and watch time. Remember how long it took Joseph Smith to receive the plates after the first vision? We read about how there is a cleansing, the wicked are cast out. In verse 7 it mentions that a present be brought unto the Lord. That is a present of a perfected people. Think about this... what is the only present can you bring to the Lord?? The Lord is preparing his people.

Chapter 19 - Here comes the destruction. The wicked vs the wicked, false prophets, people who are looking for the truth, many who will come to the Lord, the Lord bring out His people. Blessings to all Nations.

Chapter 20 - Short chapter only 6 verses. Running in the wrong direction. Turning to the Lord.

Chapter 21 - talks about the destruction, the watchman who will declare what he seeth. Vs. 12 tells us about the morning and the night. The morning represent the righteous and the night represent the wicked. Symbolism, look and you will see it.

Chapter 22 - Valley of vision, the destruction of wickedness in Jerusalem, the call to repent, led Israel astray, casting out those who care to care for the people. God shall arise, the keys that Christ holds, nail in the sure place - it doesn't come out, it is in there. We are the offspring and all the power is given.

That's about it for this weeks class, tune in next week for another exciting lession in the teachings of Isaiah.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Front Page News

Imagine my surprise when I learn that my daughter made the front page of our local paper. It happened on Wednesday. I was in the shower when Spider-pig runs in and yells "look mom I'm on the front page." My first reaction was OMG what did she do now.? But it was all good.

To explain why she was there. Spider-pid takes the bus home from school since she is now attending a school "out of district." When they built the new high school she had the option to attended the new school or stay where she is at. she stayed at Cibola. So, after school she takes 2 buses home. One bus stops on the main street and then she takes another bus up to the neighborhood.

The Picture was taken on Monday. She is so proud.