Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Isaiah - Week 8

This week Chapters 34 - 42 were discussed. That may seem like a lot, but chapters 36-39 were skipped. Those chapters went over a historical narrative.

Chapter 34

Chapter 34 starts off with telling us about the second coming. Nations refer to the people. The earth will burn, it will become a waste place. Compare to Isaiah 28:17. The noble princes of wickedness. The waste places will be restored.

Chapter 35

There are no roses in the middle east. Comparative to saffron. This chapter is all about the restoration. Everyone will hear the gospel. Highway - way of holiness. Ransomed - Atonement.

Chapter 40

Be of comfort - relax, Jerusalem is a covenant people. Elias is preparing the way of the Lord. See the Lord in his coming, everything shall be fulfilled. Huge forest - trees. Choose a piece of wood that is good. Inhabitants barely planted and blown away. Knows each of us by name. Those who wait have hope in the Lord.

Chapter 41

Cyrus frees the prisoners. East is symbolic of the second coming. First and Last - same man. Threshing instrument - BoM. Word of God - two-edge sword. Separates wicked and righteous. Glory in the holy one of Israel. Trees - tribes. Priesthood. Refer to D&C 124:26.
Cedar - Judah
Shittah - Levi
Myrtle - 10 Tribes
Oil Tree - House of Israel
Fir - Ephraim
Pine - Mennassah
Box - Judah - Cedar
Shows that you are true Gods. Idols - nothing is there. North - Calls a God. Savior comes. Nobody can do this but God. All your stuff is nothing.

Chapter 42

Spiritually blind. Restoration. JST pg 801. Lord will save us, despite are faults and weakness. We have faults.

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