Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Isaiah - Week 9

Chapter 43 - 45

Chapter 43

Given all that I can give, gave everything. Gathering of the tribes. Moses 1:39 - Glory of the Lord. Sinners - see and hear. Looking for the elect. Witnesses of God - declare. Foundations of the church. New thing - restoration. D&C 132.26. Preach is word. Remember me. First father - Adam.

Chapter 44

From the beginning. Jeshurum - obedient - upright one. Water/streams - blessings. Thirsty land/dry ground - off spring. First and last - alpha and omega. Idols good for nothing. Men became weary from making idols. Where are your idols at????. Transgressions are blotted out. Cyrus - after time of Cyrus foreshadow of Christ.

Chapter 45

Terms used by the Messiah. God can not create evil. Amos 5:24. Who is that they? heavens and earth. Ethiopia was the best place to go for supplies. Saviour - redeemer- knew was Messiah. Created it to inhabit it. World was meant to be inhabited. Nobody worthy - saved by the Savior. Merits, mercy and grace. Lord swear by himself. Every knee bow, tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ.

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