Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Isaiah - Week 7

Wow week 7 almost half way through the class.
This week we discussed Chapters 29 - 33

Chapter 29

Chapter 29 starts with Ariel - which means hearth of God, Lion of God, also means Jerusalem. continuing in the chapter it talks about the Lord made a covenant with Israel that there will be lineage with David. it also mentions the fulfillment of the Book of Mormon, and how you can't read a sealed book. The hearts are from the Lord. The Restoration of the Gospel. The field is white and ready to harvest. Talks about missionary work. Words of a book - Book of Mormon. See Isaiah 41: 13-19. We need to be a humble one. Sanctify the Lord. Sanctify ourselves and others - missionary work. and finally the word of God covers the land.

Chapter 30

Chapter 30 starts with how the people are turning to Egypt instead of the Lord. Egypt never a help. The people take their riches to Egypt and help never shows up. They tell us what we want to hear. The prophet speaks of hard things. Knew right, didn't want to hear. In the Lord is our salvation. God is the teacher. We need to get rid of our idols. Animals know who there master is, but do we? Refer to Ch 32 vs 20. Great slaughter is the second coming. Three metaphors of stream, sieve and bridle symbolizing the overwhelming catastrophe. Use the rod to punish Satan. Hearth - alter, place of burning. The king in vs 33 represent Satan, they are cast in, wicked burned together.

Back up to Chapter 9 - refer to Matthew 13:11-17. Why Jesus talks in parables.

Chapter 31

Calamity - wicked against wicked. Lord of Host - Lion - Judea. Turn back to the Lord, rebellious children. God will destroy the wicked. Ensign- gospel. Furnace - destroys the wicked.

Chapter 32

Man represent Christ. Hears the Master's voice now. Liberal means noble. Hunger and thirst - looking for the gospel. On verse 8 if you change liberal to noble - it used to mean the same. Daughters of Zion. If you are at ease, you are not working. We need to be worried. In its greatness there still will be a still small voice. City of Enoch - accept the spirit of the Lord.

Chapter 33

Satan spoils. We need stability - turn to the gospel. Hold back, highways are dangerous. The cities are clean but bare. The wicked shall destroy you. Everlasting burning - God. Who can dwell with God. We shouldn't listen to gossip. Land stretching afar - celestial kingdom. Stakes - tents. they hold up the tents. Stakes hold up the church. The ships don't come. And finally, read verse 22 last. it is out of sequence.

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